Transforming Investment Through Machine Learning

Protect and grow the wealth for our clients with AI-driven decision engine. AI Engine performing real-time market monitoring to respond to market events. Our AI engine gives our clients a comprehensive balance between maximizing growth and minimizing losses.

Self-learning from 30+ years of historical data and constantly update with the latest market transactions and news. The AI-driven engine adapts to the market to optimize our clients' wealth goals. Proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by PhDs and scientists in Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics from world-class universities.

Leadership Team

Rebecca Lim

10+ years Quant & DevOps in Banking

CFA, M.Phy.(Oxon)

Brian To
R&D Lead

18+ years Quant & Management consultant

MIT Sloan, Cornell

Albert Au Yeung
Tech Consultant

15+ years AI & ML Reasearch

Ph.D. Computer Sci.

Advisory Board

Virginia Devereux Wong
Senior Advisor

30+ years in Funds (launch & expansion), Goldman, HSBC

Oliver Pacton
Senior Advisor

30+ years in Banking Middle East, Japan, Hk

Abdelwahab Ben Tkhayet
Senior Advisor

30+ years in Investments, Markets, Sales & Trading

Prof. Liew Soung
R&D Advisor

Information Engineering, CUHK, IEEE Fellow